""One measure of passion is worth more than three measures of expertise"

Nguyen Du

Our Story



The Batzella estate is a family enterprise, an artisan winery created in year 2000 by Franco Batzella and his wife Khanh Nguyen, after both having left their 20 years experience in international finance to settle in Tuscany.

Our commitment is to make wines that express their vineyard origins with finesse, complexity and authenticity. Our operating approach is meticulous vineyard management mostly done by hand and custom tailored to respond to the varying weather conditions of each year, followed by minimum intervention in the winemaking process.


The thousands of details and gestures that go into making good wines



For us the best wine is made from the best grapes, naturally, paying maximum attention to details in the vineyards and in the winery. Thus each grape varietal/clone from each vineyard parcel is cared for according to its own needs and picked at its own maturity, vinified and aged separately until it is deemed ready as a wine for blends or by itself. A great contribution to our endeavor is the place itself. From this terroir, our quest is to find harmony between power and elegance for our wine, to find that magical "coup de coeur" when tastes and aromas love each other in a wine.

Our goal



In short our goal is to offer terroir wines that give pleasure and at reasonable price so that they can be enjoyed any time, without having to wait for a special occasion. It is a quest that we started some 15 years ago, very little time really for a wine and for the success we have met so far, thanks largely to the appreciation of our wines by wine lovers all over the world. But a vigneron´s quest is unending, rather, it is in an eternal re-beginning with every vintage being a new variation of the same theme, which for us is fascinating, just like the fascination of Bach’s Goldberg’s Variations. ´Quaerendo Invenietis´: keep searching and you will find. Join us in this voyage...´