The winery design is simple and functional, and the buildings are well insulated to enable efficient use of energy resources. Our choice of winery equipment is motivated by one objective: simple equipment that are soft on the grapes and wines, to ensure maximum protection of the integrity of the grapes that arrive in the winery directly from the vineyards and allow a meticulous care of each single parcel being harvested such as to preserve its individual characters.

Winery management :

For us, the wine is made first of all in the vineyards with the best grapes possible. The grape bunches are therefore carefully selected and picked by hand and then make the 5 minutes trip to the crushpad of the winery where the berries are destemmed whole and transferred to the inox tank. Working thus by hand, we pick one parcel, make 1 tank of about 50 hl most on average per day with start of fermentation at the end of the same day. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks each with temperature control with all operations carried out manually. The alcoholic fermentation normally takes about 18-20 days. Our principal task here is to accompany the process for each parcel with minimum intervention possible. At finish of fermentation, some wines are transferred for aging in French oak (barriques of 225 liters, tonneaux of 500 liters, botti of 20 hl, new as well as of 3-4 wines, made in Bordeaux and in Bourgogne).